Get to Màquina! plays Màquina!

  • Posted on: 10 August 2013
  • By: admin

To see the effect and impact of Màquina!, one of the most important formations in the development of rock in Spain, we recover the original repertoire of this legendary band. For this milestone was mounted Get to Màquina! which brought Màquina! original member as Jordi Batiste and Emili Baleriola with musicians of other generations, among whom were members of Asimetric and others. An experience that was a hit with audiences and critics. All this happened in the theater of the CCCB of Barcelona during the days of BCNmp7 dedicated to progressive rock of the seventies in Spain.

Emili Baleriola, guitar, voice, musical direction
Jordi Batiste, voice
Vicenç Mas, bass
Alejandro Delgado, saxo
Miquel Pascual, keyboards
Carles Domingo, drums

Here, the songs they performed