About me

Àlex Gómez-Font (Caldes de Montbui, 1976)

Self taught and restless, in photograpy his view of Flamenco has been exposed in various parts of Spain and the United States.
He has been on the radio, organized festivals and conferencies of popular music. In 2009 he published his first book: Zeleste i la música laietana (Un passeig per la Barcelona musical dels setanta) (A walk throught Barcelona with music from the 70‘s) edited by Pagès editors.
He has directed, written and coordinated the editing of various recording projects linked to the progressive rock scene and the music of Zeleste for Picap label. The compilation Zeleste, musica laietana (2009) and Barcelona progressiva (2011) have been worked with a clear intention not to only retrieve and update the sound material but also to provide information, detailed references, news and graphic material that have become reference works. In the same direction has also rescued and updated albums and legendary cult, as We are digging the Beatles by Lucky Guri and Peter Rohr, Rock on the rocks, and has rescued themes of Màquina!! with the celebrated Lets get Smashed, among others.
Outside this area has also produced various artists, participated in exhibitions and articles about photojournalism.
In December 2011 he published his second book: Barcelona, del rock progresivo a la música layetana y Zeleste (Barcelona, from progessive rock to layetan musica and Zeleste), edited by Milenio. A very complete work which recovers the memory of an entire decade and gets brighter in historical context, complete with over a hundred images and documents, witnesses, and an innovative online audio. In 2013 he wrote the chapter of the development of rock in Catalonia for the book Rock around Spain published by the University of Lleida in collaboration with the University of Alicante and coordinated by Kiko Mora and Eduardo Viñuela. The book appeared in the collection Espai / Temps of the University of Lleida.

With Petit Indie label has created the Bolao Collection, which rescued the greatest musicians of jazz history, rock, and singer-songwriter in vinyl accompanied by excelent booklet with photos, biography and unpublished material in limited edition. Besides, he still working and collaborating on various projects.